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The Minister of Culture launches the electronic initiative "Stay at home ... Culture is in your hand" on the Internet"

Sunday 22 March, 2020

The Minister of Culture launches the electronic initiative "Stay at home ... Culture is in  your hand" on the Internet"

 Abdel Dayem: Culture in your hands displays the masterpiece of our national creativity works and it calls for the implementation of precautionary measures to preserve public safety.

 The first performance of this initiative  is the opera's hologram electronic show - as an electronic transmission of the "Stay at Home ... Culture in Your Hands" initiative.

 It is worthy of note that Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, will launch the electronic initiative "Stay at Home ... Culture is in Your Hands" at 9:00 pm on Tuesday, 24 March.

 Abdel Dayem said that "Stay at Home ... Culture in Your Hands" initiative aims to broadcast the anecdotes of the archives of the national, contemporary and traditional creativity works through the Ministry of Culture channel on YouTube and its social media accounts, indicating that it is also sending an invitation to implement the precautionary measures to preserve  public health and safety  by at home due to the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through. She continued that the first concert  will be broadcasted  with the hologram technology in the opera house ,it will  include a number of stunning umm Kulthum  works performed by  the two stars Reham Abdel Hakim and Mai Farouk.

Abdel  Dayem continued that the  Broadcasting continues daily with various creative materials that include theatrical performances, Arab and classical concerts, ballet shows, short films, documentaries films and others. 

The Ministry's official website on the Internet  publish many titles of books and publications of various sectors and fields.

 It is worth noting that the materials are available on the website of the Ministry of Culture on :_


 And YouTube channel


 And social networking site Facebook account