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The Minister of Culture And The Head of The Opera House Inaugurate The 27 th  Edition of Salah El Din International Music And Singing Festival

Wednesday 25 July, 2018


  • 7 artistic concerts and 6 Arab and foreign countries participate in Salah Al-Din International Music and Song Festival.


  • Darwish, Al-Hajjar, Al-Halou, Tawfiq, Abbas, Saleh and Nadia Nujoom in "The Castle Festival"


  • Honoring Hani Shaker, Salih, Hamdi, Khalil, Hark, Abulhadi and a Pianist in the 27th  Edition  of the Castle Festival.


Thurthday,2 August , DR/ Inas Abdel Dayem will inaugurate the 27th  Edition  of the Salah Al-ddin International Music And Singing Festival , organized by the Egyptian Opera House and will be held for  for 16 days until 17 August . The festival is supervised by Dr. Magdy Baghdadi.

Dr. Magdy Saber, The Head of The Egyptian Opera House said  that it is the the first time this year  for the festival to get  the international mark and it will includes 37  artistic concerts by a group of super singers stars in Egypt and the Arab world, in addition to the participation of 6 Arab and foreign countries besides Egypt:-  Palestine, China, Mexico and Panama.

Declares that  the opening ceremony will begin with delivering speech by The Minister of Culture, who will  honore a number of figures of art and media who influenced the history of the festival in its previous editions , she will give the appreciation shields to the singers :- Hani Shaker, Medhat Saleh, clarinetist, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Mohamed Hamdy, Asef El Fayoula, Alaa Khalil , Sayed Amin Abou El Hady.

Afterwards , the artistic celebrations will begin with the performance of the Chinese Youth and Children Ensemble, which will perform Chinese folkloric dances . Then,  the Arabic singer Hani Shaker will present a collection of the most famous songs. The second night is for Fouad Mounib and the Tunisian artist Ghalia Ben Ali , the third night  is for Amira Al-Qaim, Marimba singer Nesma Abdel Aziz and the artist Ali Al-Hajjar, the fourth night is for  Yassin Al-Tuhami and the Syrian singer Majd Al-Qasim.

The eighth  night of the festival will include three concerts by Mont Kairo, the Nefih team and the young singer Mohamed Mohsen. In addition to the Palestinian singer Dalal Abu Amna, the young singer Ahmed Jamal. In the ninth night we will meet with the "Amdan light" Ensemble and the great singer Nadia Mustafa, the tenth night will include a ceremony for the team Eqal Ensamli of Mexico and the great singer Iman Bahr Darwish, the eleventh night  will be for Panama folklore band and Baghdadi Band .  On the 12th night, the Chinese Orchestra of Traditional Music, the Jazz Band and the singer Louay will present their concerts . The thirteenth night will be celebrated by the orchestra of " Al- Nour Wa Al- Amal"  and singer Khaled Selim. The 14th night will be for the musician Fathi Salama with the vocalist Mahmoud Al-Tohamy and the artist Hisham Abbas. The fifteenth night will be with a concert of the young singer Neven Rajab and " Mohammed Wahidi " band and then the artist Ehab Tawfiq. At the last day of the festival  ,  the sixteenth night will be with a concert of the young singer Mohamed Hassan followed by the artist Medhat Saleh

 Magdy Saber stressed that The opera Department was keen to create the diversity of the artistic program of the festival - classical music, jazz, singing, Sufi singing , senior singers and young singers - to go along with  all ages , adding that the opera Department this year presents  more than 7,000 seats daily ,  In addition to buses to transport the audience from the castle entrance to the event location , assuring  that the festival has become a real outlet for the humble people, and it succeeded in attracting  the  hearts of its fans , due to the diversity of program to create  a direct cohesion with the audience .