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One Nation With Multiple Cultures And The Islamic World In The Heart of Cairo

Wednesday 06 February, 2019

Minister of Culture and Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation inaugurated The First Festival of Islamic Cooperation

Abdel Dayem and Al - Othaimeen launched the First Cultural And Artistic Festival of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation .

Abdel-Dayem: The festival reflects a true image of the Islamic civilization with a Humanitarian concerns

Al-Othaimeen: The activities are a way of bringing together countries and highlighting their cultural components.

Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem ,Minister of Culture, and Dr. Yousuf bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen , The Secretary-General of OIC , inaugurated the first edition of the organization's cultural and artistic festival, under the title "One Nation And Cultures ... Palestine is in the Heart " . The festival's guest of honor is Tanzania, the activities  are held  In cooperation with the Ministries of Culture, Foreign Affairs, Youth, Sports and Antiquities , it will last  until 9 February in  the Grand Opera Theater . The ceremonies were attended by  a number of Ambassadors of the countries Member and their communities in Cairoز

For her part, The Minister of Culture stressed that ,throughout the ages, Egypt has remained as citadel  defending the  Arab and Islamic identity. Its land has witnessed a distinguished cultural trends which has given it a leading position among countries. It has the power to face challenges and invasions that tried to influence its character. The Thing  that motivated the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to launch the first edition of its cultural and artistic festival held in " Cairo Al-Mu'izz " , the city of a thousand minaret, which recorded immortal signs in culture, literature, arts, science and knowledge. The first edition of the festival sends a message to the world to stat the noble values ​​of Islam, which call for tolerance, renunciation of violence, extremism, terrorism and spreading the values ​​of coexistence and understanding among human beings. It also aims to strengthen relations between the Organization countries member and bring together their societies despite their different cultures and their diversity.

Moreover, She pointed out that ,in the country of Al-Azhar, the people of Islamic world meet to record a scene of unity to present a true image of the Islamic civilization with a humanistic orientation and to highlight the real contents of civilization that pave the way  of science, art and creativity to the  communities. Afterwards, she welcomed the  guests on the land of Egypt, the cradle of civilizations ,messengers , religions and the crossroads of cultures, thanking  all  those who participated in organizing this first edition  of the festival .

For his part, The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) thanked Egypt, the President, the Government and the people for hosting the first edition of the festival, which presents the map of the cultural and humanitarian heritage of the countries member. He also thanked Saudi Arabia for its support for the organization's initiatives and activities aimed at promoting and strengthening relations among the peoples of Islamic countries , in addition to bring people together by highlighting the cultural components, customs and traditions, introducing the various challenges facing the nation. It also calls for openness to the friendly countries of the Organization. This is reflected in the selection of Tanzania as the guest of honor for the first edition. The festival is a message to the world that expresses moderate Islam and promotes the values ​​of equality and rejection of violence, praising the role of all participants of the ministries and sectors that helped the festival to come to light .

As for the Saudi media spokesman Abdul Rahman al-Shibail  , he said that The festival is aiming at stating good and encouraging the beneficial efforts of humanity, adding that Egypt has a cultural dimension and a great cultural heritage, including Al-Azhar, science, talented , intellectuals and artists.

It is worthy of note that Abdel-Daym and Al-Ataimeen honored four prominent figures in the Muslim world, Faoufur Adjawafi Sika Kapoori, First Lady of Burkina Faso, Sheikh Islamullah Shukr Pasha Zadeh, Caucasus Mufti of Azerbaijan, Dr. Nizar bin Obaid Madani, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia, the poet Farouk Gouida from Egypt, followed by dedicating of the Ministry of Culture to Al-Othaimeen and delivering the commemorative shields of  the Organization of  to Dr/ Inas Abdel Dayem .

The opening ceremony, was directed by the artist Hisham Attwa, and it  began with playing the Egyptian national anthem , followed by presenting a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran , followed by screening  a documentary film about the organization and its history and the most important achievements , followed by presenting a show for the Egyptian folklore Troupes and some foreign troupes  :-Toshka, Marsa Matruh for folk arts "Egypt", music and folklore - "Saudi Arabia", " Azerbaijan for dance and song", "Senegalese music and folklore", and "Canaan for music and folklore –Palestine"

In addition , The opening ceremonies included presenting a number of exhibitions in Al- Hanager Center for Arts and its court , reflecting the colors of the culture of various countries of the Islamic world and the different  products of traditional and heritage crafts, folk food and plastic arts, as well as an exhibition of some institutions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and another of"  Saudi King Salman Center for humanitarian work and rescue " , with representing the stages of Developing the Holy Mosques.