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Moghith Announces The Short List of The Rewards of Rifa'at Al Tahtawi, Youth And Scientific Culture

Thursday 26 July, 2018


  • 13 books in the list of branches of Rifa'at Tahtawi and youth and scientific culture.

Prof. Anwar Mghith, The Head of The National Center for Translation, has announced the titles of the candidates for the short list for the awards of Rifa'at Tahtawi for this year.

He said that the technical committee has completed the work of the short lists in the three awards of:-  Revaah Tahtawi Prize for Translation at its ninth Edition, the Youth Award for Translation at its sixth Edition and the Scientific Culture Award at its third Edition. The final jury will select the winning book in each branch. Rifa'at Awards will continue to be an appreciation from The National Translation Center for the role of the translator, who was and will remain the unknown soldier and bridge of permanent culture among different civilizations. "

- The short list of Rifa'at Tahtawi Prize included five books, "The States and Social Movements" by Hank Johnson, which was published by the National Center for Translation in 2017, translated from English by Ahmed Zayed. The author highlights the relation of countries with social movements and their use in international conflict.

- The book "Linguistics, Introduction to The Introductions", published in 2016 by the National Center for Translation, written by Jane Achesen and translated by Abdul Karim Mohammed Jabal, this book is an ideal introduction to the science of linguistics, and it also addresses the developments of this science from the nineteenth century until the first decade of the 21th century.

- "Dostoyevsky's wife Diary" by his wife Anna Grigorivna Dostoyevskaya translated  by Anwar Mohammad Ibrahim, published by the National Center for Translation in 2015. It deals with the creative life of Dostoevsky and it monitors the features of his life.

- DiCameron is the famous Italian epic set up by Giovanni Pocacho and translated by Abdullah Al Aati and Essam Al Sayed , published by The Cultural Palace Organization in 2016. It includes 100 stories that are told in ten days by seven women and three young men. It is similar to " Alf Lila wa Lila –Thousand and One Nights" . it deals with the stories narrated by  of the heroes  after their  escape from the plague that struck Florence in 1348.

-The fifth and final book on the list is "New Waves in the Philosophy of Technology" issued in 2018  by The National Center for Translation by Jean-Kerberg Olsen ,translated by  Shawky Jalal , it represents a relatively newcomer in the field of philosophy and reveals the strong and weak points  of technology.

 - The list of the youth award included five works:-  the first of is "Ibn Khaldun" by Sayed Farid Al-Attas and was translated from English by Mohammed Sala H. Abdel-Al. It was published by Nama Research and Studies Center in 2017 as part of the series of " Muslim Community Makers"  published by Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, it represents  Ibn Khaldun life and his scientific contributions with an explanation of his theory of the rise and fall of civilizations, where Ibn Khaldun represents a founding stage in the construction of Islamic sociology.

-The second book, "The Problem of Separation of Religion and Politics" by Evan Strinsky and translated by Abdulrahman Magdy, published by Hindawi Foundation in 2016. The author presents an analysis of the central concepts and influences of religion, politics and power. It also provides a new theoretical framework in which we see what these concepts and their  means in contemporary society .

- The third book is  "Continental Philosophy," is a very short introduction by Hindawi Foundation in 2016 by Simon Crichley and translated by Ahmed Shakl Manzour.The book seeks to answer the question: What is continental philosophy? by telling a story that begins with Kant and includes discussions about Senior philosophers such as Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger and at the center of the book there are an invitation to redefine philosophy in the center of cultural life.

The fourth book is entitled "Introduction to Modern Philosophy: Follow the Steps of the White Rabbit" written by Philippe Hebel and transmitted by German Rania Mohamed Ahmed and published by the Arab Nile Group in 2015. The title begins with Aristotle's observation that philosophy begins with wonder and hence comes from the fictional character of the Rabbit .The author connects between the child curiosity requiring the  qualities of philosophers, indicating that they meet in many points , presenting a range of philosophical issues such as place , time , feelings, pleasure and beauty.

The fifth book on the youth list is "Salvatiera", a famous novel by Argentine Pedor Mayral and translated by Marc Gamal. The novel was published by the House of Publishing and Distribution in 2016 . It revolves around the hero who loses the ability to speak at the age of nine and he begins at the age of twenty to write his  diary .

- The list of scientific culture includes three works: "Holocene: An Environmental History" by Neil Roberts and translated by Hafiz Shams El-Din Abdel Wahab published from  The National Center for Translation in 2017. The book monitors temperature rise due to the great change that occurs in the Earth system and it  raises questions about the future .

- The second work, "Orientalism of the Future: The Nanotechnology Revolution," by Krik Drexler, Chris Peterson and Gilles Bergamet, was published in 2016. The book focuses on some possible scenarios for the expected life type in the near future.

- the last book in the list of scientific culture is "Prehistoric Climate" published by the National Center for Translation 2017, written by William James Burroughs and translated by Rajab Saad al-Sayyid highlighting the challenges faced by mankind in the glacial climate and the stability of life and also reviews how climate affects the social life of human beings.