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Minister of Culture Attends “ Al- Moutafael- The Optimistic” on The National Theater

Friday 04 October, 2019

Minister of Culture  Attends “ Al- Moutafael-  The Optimistic” on The National Theater 

Abdel Dayem:  it is  awakening of The Egyptian Theater that reflects the Development of Community Awareness.

Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, witnessed “the optimistic”  theatrical performance inspired by Candide's novel by the famous French writer Voltaire. The Play is presented on The National Theater, staring Sameh Hussein and Sahar Al Sayegh. The play was also attended by  Dr. Maya Morsy, Head of the National Council for Women, Lena Lind, Ambassador of Norway in Cairo, the artist Ismail Mukhtar, head of the Artistic House of Theater, Ahmed Shaker Abdel Latif, director of the National Theater and a number of artists and critics

Abdel-Dayem affirmed that this play is  awakening  glimpse of  the art of theater as a result of the development of the awareness of the Egyptian society about the concept of Theater throughout history, representing an effective way to build individual and one of the ways of expressing feelings, aspirations and confidence in self-abilities.

 It is worthy of note that Candide's novel is  written by Voltaire in 1759, it is one of his most famous works and it has a fictional philosophical character. It is about  a young man who was raised in his uncle house- the prince, the hero loved his uncle daughter  and  his uncle refuses to marry them and expels him from the palace. Then the hero faces a lot of crisis