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Military Production And The Ministry of Culture Discuss The Ways Of Joint Cooperation

Monday 04 February, 2019

Dr. Mohamed Said Al-Assar, The Minister of  Military Production  and  Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem,The Minister  of Culture met in The headquarters of the Ministry of Military Production, to discuss the ways of cooperation to prepare and establish  the mobile theaters and Family Libraries.

Al-Assar explained that The Ministry of Military Production believes in the role of art and culture in the society and in developing the intellectuals  of young people to correct misconceptions by spreading the awareness of the role played by the government for the development of society. This comes within the frame work of providing the necessary support to The Ministry of Culture in the field of cultural and artistic projects ,including providing  support to  The mobile theaters and family libraries, whether by upgrading the efficiency  of the existing ones or establishing new ones.

He added that The Ministry of Military Production is fully ready  to provide mobile vehicles for the Ministry of Culture so that they can be equipped in proportion to the nature of the theaters, including  lighting and cameras and any other equipment available in The  Military Production Companies,  or to equip them  as mobile libraries to rotate  the provinces.

For her part, Abdel-Dayem expressed her full confidence in the role played by The Ministry of Military Production to support culture and spread awareness , assuring that  the Ministry of Military Production possesses the  elements that can used to support the cultural palaces and theaters through developing  ,  qualifying  and equipping  it for work, adding that the delivery of a number of theaters,  suspended from work,  to the Ministry of Military Production to qualify them to  work  again , was greatly appreciated by The Art House to make a cooperation between the two  parties.

Moreover, Abdel Dayem  explained that The Ministry of Culture seeks to increase the number of mobile theaters to solve the problem of the  theaters of the Art House and to support the artistic troupes  in the provinces , plus, the ministry  seeks to establish    Mobile Family Libraries in the  villages of  the provinces to spread awareness and to encourage reading among different public groups, thus we want to make use of the mobile vehicles produced by the military production companies with the necessary equipment in accordance with the nature of the mobile theaters or family libraries to achieve the fruitful cooperation between the two ministries.

At the end of the meeting , the two parties  agreed to form a committee of the two ministries to develop technical descriptions  of the theaters and mobile libraries and to study the possibility of implementing them for The Ministry of Culture as well as developing a plan for the development and rehabilitation of theaters that are suspended from work.