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For The First Time, Establishing A Center For Languages ​​And Translation, A Supreme Institute For Children And A School for Arts

Tuesday 08 October, 2019

For The First Time, Establishing A Center For Languages ​​And Translation, A Supreme Institute For Children And A School for Arts

The Minister of Culture and the Head of The Academy of Arts Inaugurate the first phase of a number of educational institutes ,inspecting the new buildings.

Abdel Dayem: The first Supreme Institute For Children of its kind in Egypt and in the Middle East is an important step towards  Artistic specialization as the study started this year for the postgraduate batch.

Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture and Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of The Academy of Arts, inaugurated the first phase of a number of educational institutes and inspected the new established buildings in the courtyard of the Academy of Arts in Al- Haram District. In addition, they opened the first phase of :-the Art School building, The Center for Languages ​​and Translation . Afterwards, they inspected the fence surrounding the Academy and The Supreme Institute of Cinema after its decorating them with : plastic Art drawings, portraits of stars of Egypt. The inauguration was attended by Dr. Ghada Gabara vice-president of The Academy, Dr. Mohamed Shabana, Dean of the Higher Institute of the Child  Arts, the great writer Dr. Fatima Almadoul and a number of deans and faculty members.

During the visit, Abdel Dayem met with the students of the first batch of the Supreme Institute of Child Arts. She stressed that it is an effective addition to the specialized educational and cultural infrastructure in Egypt and the Arab world to create a new generation of specialized creators, adding that this dream has been achieved after 29 years from the date of the decision to establish it, explaining that  it is  equipped with all possibilities to become a productive unit to apply the sustainable development plans that the state seeks to achieve. She directed to open the other  branches of the Institute in the provinces to parallel with the expansion of the academy in the regions.

For his part, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of the Academy, said that the Supreme Child Arts Institute includes three buildings for writers, directors,  toys and puppets. He said that the projects were  launched by the Minister of Culture and Dr. Fawzi Fahmy, the former president of the Academy - who stated the foundation stone for them and  preserve 19 acres of the Academy land that was threatened. After a halt for years and with  successive efforts, the first stages have been completed in preparation for receiving new batch. He  explained that the study  will start soon in The Center for Languages ​​and Translation and The Institute of Child Arts -the postgraduate batch, which will be affiliated to  the institutes of the Academy and  in cooperation with Assiut University, he added that the School of Arts includes the educational stages of primary, preparatory and secondary, it aims to teach the different branches of arts :- ballet - Oriental and Western music - cinema - theater artistic criticism and others. This is considered to be  a beginning to prepare and qualify talented students before joining the academic institutes, pointing that The school includes a number of playground, parks and various spaces for various activities.

It is worthy of note that The Minister of Culture started her visit with inaugurating an exhibition titled ”  6/10” in the exhibitions hall and it comes within the celebrations of The Ministry of Culture commemorating the glorious victories of October. The exhibition included a variety of works of elite Egyptian artists and it  tells the story of the steadfastness of the Egyptians  to achieve victory and it reflects the interaction of artists with the achievements of the country, confirming the role of creativity in preserving identity and forming the awareness of young people.