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Abdel Dayem: Culture Celebrations of The Precious victory Aim To Revitalize The National Memory And Support The Feelings of Belonging Among Young Generations

Sunday 06 October, 2019

Abdel Dayem: Culture Celebrations of The  Precious victory Aim To Revitalize The National Memory And Support The Feelings of Belonging Among Young Generations

Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, followed up the celebrations of the glorious October victories in The Grand and Open Theaters of the Egyptian Opera House, headed by Dr. Magdy Saber. The celebration included presenting number of national eternal songs.

Abdel Dayem said that October victories represent a turning point in the history of Egypt and one of its luminous signs, stressing that its memory will remain as clear as crystal. She added that the victories tell the story of a struggle of steadfastness and determination and they opened the horizons of the future for the people of Egypt after succeeding in crossing and recovering the land of Sinai.

 She also pointed out that the celebrations of The Ministry of Culture of the victory of October continue throughout the month in all governorates to activate the national memory to state  the championship of the Egyptian army and to support and strengthen the spirit of belonging, especially among young people.

For his part, Magdy Saber said that The Opera House presented  a group of enthusiastic national works that are performed  by various Ensembles and soloists of Arabic music, these celebrations were held in parallel in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour in theaters of :- Al- Gomhorya, the open Theater in The Opera House, Arab Music Institute, Sayed Darwish - Opera Alexandria - Damanhour Opera  Theater and The Grand Theater Of The Opera House.

It is worthy of note that The celebration is directed by the artist Jihan Morsi on The Grand Theater. The celebration began with screening a documentary film  about the late President Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat entitled "Hero of War And Peace." Accompanied with presenting melodies by Maestro Dr. Mohamed Ismail El-Mougy, performed by Amira Ahmed who presented a collection of national songs including:- Bahibik Ya Misr -I love you Egypt “ and many others

Moreover, On The Open Stage, children and youth choir classes, accompanied with the ballet classes of the Talent Development Center under the supervision of artist Abdel Wahab El Sayed, presented a concert led by Maestro Dr. Mohamed Abdel Sattar including a group of enthusiastic songs performed by a group of promising talents