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Abdel Dayem Attends The Closing Activities of The Egyptian Cultural Days In Oujda Morocco

Wednesday 05 December, 2018
  • Luxor transmits the heritage of Upper Egypt to Oujda at the end of the Egyptian cultural days in Morocco.


  • Upper Egypt creative women and heritage pearl at the end of the Egyptian days in Morocco.


  • The two flags of Egypt and Morocco are linked at the end of cultural days in the city of Oujda.


Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, The Minister of Culture , attended the closing ceremonies of  The Egyptian cultural activities that  were held at Mohammed V Theater. Abdel Dayem  also participated in a symposium entitled "Women And Narration in Arabic literature" during which the writer Hala Al-Badri, and Dr. Latifa Al-Maskini, poet and critic discussed the experience of journalism, literature and poetry and the challenges they faced during the 1970s and their success in monitoring the changes in society. They highlighted the role of their husbands in making the balance between family and work and stressed the importance of the role of women in the renaissance of Arab societies. Thus, The seminar turned into an intellectual meeting between poetry and creativity.

In addition, The Minister of Culture witnessed a ceremony in which Luxor folkloric Ensemble presented skillfully a bundle  of The Egyptian heritage, using the  drums and flutes, Creating a communicational vivid state for The  Moroccan audience especially with  holding the Egyptian and Moroccan flags together ,  confirming that art is a bridge to consolidate the bonds of love of the  two brother countries .

At the end of the ceremonies , a number of Moroccan fans were keen to take commemorative photos with members of the Egyptian delegation and with The Minister of Culture , dedicating her The Moroccan Kufiya- scarf,  to show their  pride and respect for the arts and culture of Egypt.

Abdel-Dayem assured  that Egypt and Morocco have a long history on both the cultural and artistic levels because and they are linked by deep-rooted relations that are constantly growing, confirming that art and culture  have a direct impact on the consolidation and the  social communication between the two countries. The cultural and artistic activities between the two countries are strongly presented in an Arabic cultural scene that  will strengthen these relations and give them a broader horizon of cooperation ,leading to a very important cultural movement to  bring great benefits to both sides.