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" New Visions About  Naguib Mahfouz" In The Supreme Council Of Culture

Sunday 30 December, 2018

On the Occasion of the  anniversary of the great writer Naguib Mahfouz, and the passage of 30 years for winning Nobel Prize,  The Supreme Council of Culture will organize a seminar entitled " Naguib Mahfouz  , New Visions " on Sunday, 30 December at 6 Pm. The seminar will be attended by  a group of critics and specialists in the field of Arabic literature , including Dr . Ahmed Darwish , The Critic Etidal Osman, Dr. Hussein Hamouda, Dr. Khairy Dumah,  Journalist Ehab El Mallah, Dr. Mohamed Badawi, the great novelist Naeem Sabri, Mohamed Shaer , The Publisher Atef Ebeid.

It is worthy of note that the seminar will revolve around a number of major topics , including " The biography of Al-Harafish" , The  Rumors about Naguib Mahfouz" , " The sons of our alley" ,"  New Readings" ," How to go beyond Naguib Mahfouz's world" , " Reading childhood memoirs" , "The most creative works of Naguib Mahfouz".